Center United Methodist Church
Sunday, July 25, 2021
Where A Warm Welcome Is Always Felt!

Center Arbor


Construction of the Center Arbor was completed August 26. 1876. The structure was built for church camp meetings when people would come from long distances and stay for a week at a time, cooking and sleeping around the arbor.

The log structure was put together with wooden pins and had a board roof, which was replaced by tin in 1923. Iron rods, placed around the inside, stabilized the structure.

Today, the Center Arbor is still used for church services as well as other community activities such as: Center BBQ Fair, Weddings, and Blessing of the Animals Service.


In 2004, a huge wind storm swept through Davie County and damaged the Arbor. The storm created winds over 70 mph and tore off a huge portion of the roof on the Arbor.

 This picture is of the storm damage.

Because of the damage to the Arbor, the old hand-crimped roof had to be replaced. A new metal roof was installed to mimic the original roof the Center Arbor once had.

 This picture is of the new roof being installed.


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